Project Details

Replacement Of Rotten Garden Gate/Side Panel

S. Bretherick Handyman Services was approached by a customer to replace a wooden gate/side panel at the entrance into the back garden. The gate was much cherished by the customer as it had been made by her late husband some years ago and she was reluctant to replace it but the posts were severely rotten and the gate itself was falling off it’s hinges.

The old gate was therefore removed and a new, sturdy framework constructed from preservative, pressure treated (70mm x 45mm) timber with the frame being fastened to the house and garage walls using 8mm stainless steel coach screws and the middle post being concreted into the ground. 30mm timber was used to construct a double braced gate and for the side panel palings and then all the components were given 2 coats of Ronseal Super Flexible Primer & Undercoat followed by 2 coats of Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint. The gate was finished with heavy duty hot dipped galvanised hinges, ring latch and bolt for long lasting weather protection. The customer was thrilled with the finished result and commented that her husband would have been proud of the replacement for the gate he originally made – a lovely compliment!