Project Details

Plywood Overboarding Of Bathroom Floor

A customer was having problems with the tiles of a bathroom floor cracking and becoming loose and so S. Bretherick Handyman Services was asked to remove the tiles and board over the floor in preparation for a new cushion floor being fitted. The tiles were removed and it was discovered that not only had they been fixed using a dot and dab technique, which in itself is very poor tiling practice, but the tiles had also been applied directly onto the chipboard flooring without the floor being boarded over first and this was the main reason for the customer’s issues.

Once all the tile adhesive had been removed from the chipboard, 18mm hardwood plywood, screwed down at 150-200mm centres, was used to cover the floor. The plywood was extended all the way under the fitted units and great care was taken to make sure the joints between the plywood sections were completely flush to ensure they wouldn’t show through the cushion flooring.