Project Details

Laminate Floor Fitting

S. Bretherick Handyman Services was asked to fit a laminate floor in a 35m2 living room to replace the existing engineered wood floor which had failed (excessive creaking, 'springiness' and separated joints) after only 2 years.

Removal of the engineered wood planks revealed they'd been installed directly onto carpet underlay, a definite no no, and this was the reason for the premature failure of the floor.

A new laminate floor was fitted onto 5mm foam underlay boards (which are ideal for overcoming minor deviations in floorboard height as well as reducing noise) with the end result giving a superb new look to the room. With no creaks!

The customer was so pleased that they asked for a laminate floor to be fitted in the hallway as well. This was an awkward installation due to 5 doorways into the hall. All the door frames were undercut to allow the laminate floor to slide underneath and, again, the customer was delighted with the end result.